Camp Deerbone

1930s Reference to Sanhican Lodge
George Washington Council

The illustration above is page 34 from the Camp Deerbone Camp Handbook during the 1930s; The page was provided by David Patterson and the information given below is from Randall Holden. The "I" refers to Randall.
For a number of years I have heard of a camp in PA that had Kittatinny Chapter of Sanhican Lodge servicing them. Camp Deerbone (named for the deer bones found on the island), of Easton (Area) and then Delaware Valley Area (1932), was started in 1923 and was operated until at least 1938 when a friend's father attended that camp. He did not return to the camp as he served at the New York World's Fair in 1939-40.
The 1934 booklet clearly states the chapter and lodge name. It is noted that the island was called Cocks Island but that might be a typo for Tocks, the only island within the three miles from Shawnee, 8 miles from Stroudsburg (stated in the booklet). The owner of this island was R. S. Worthington, the same that gave the land for the park below Camp Pahaquarra.
As I prepare my exhibit for the New Jersey Scout Museum, '100 Years of the OA in NJ', I wish to include this segment in the story. I am looking for any information anyone may have regarding the history and Sanhican's involvement.
It is interesting to note that the booklet refers to this camp as the official Boy Scout Camp of Monroe County (PA). I do not show, anywhere, a council by this name. This 1931 booklet shows that maybe Monroe County was District 7 of Easton Area Council. In 1932, the council became Delaware Valley Area Council. With that council having Camp Weygadt nearby, Camp Deerbone would not be needed. Maybe some Weygadt folks can help out here.
Order of the arrow at Deerbone and Pahaquarra had a common element, one “Pop“ Harold Keller who was the Sanhican lodge #2 advisor for many years. He was at Camp Pahaquarrra for a while, then went to Camp Deerbone and may have brought the concept to Camp Deerbone. Pop Keller returned from Camp Deerbone to Mercer Council. Philadelphia was formally organized as Lodge #1, we were lodge #2.

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