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Twill Flap Misprints
Sanhican 2 Lodge

Please note that these three patches are NOT official releases. This is just a fun page to show a few ways that patches can be mis-printed. Over the years, there have been hundreds and hundreds of mis-prints produced. It is simply impossible to catalog all of the mis-prints and there is no intention to try.

Ed Dworak writes the following about 2F1 misprints
The three patches in the third row are "perfect" thread or needle breaks of the 2F1. In one the "Sanhican WWW" is missing, in one the "WWW" and in one the "arrow." They look like perfectly normal issues and in each case I had a bundle of 25 of each at one time.

I wrote an article for the website about three years ago. They are highly collectable by certain people especially when they look like a different issue. Every time you order a run of patches you'll get a few errors where a thread or needle breaks but to have a complete name or part of the design left out is unusual. I believe I called them perfect misprints.

The Tale of Sanhican F1

Dr. Larry Gering writes the following about 2F1 flaps
One day, I spread 127 2F1 flaps out on kitchen table and started looking at which were rough, which were smooth, which had fat letters and which had thin letters and I got combinations of each. Bottom line is that they made these for a dozen years (1957-1969), with multiple orders and there are a whole bunch of discernable differences providing (and this is the point) you can compare them side by side.

Randall Holden writes the following about misprints.
First, the errors, for what ever reason in the manufacture of the patches, do NOT constitute an issue or are worthy of being listed as such. If that were the case, there would be a 1,000 more listings!!! The 1957 2F2 is certainly a prime example of the errors that can occur during the manufacturing process. This is a classic case of a needle break (when there are no needle punctures in the material) or a thread break (when there are needle marks punctures in material). In either case, the yellow name and the yellow WWW was stitched by a single needle. The big Lodge number 2 was stitched by a different needle and was not affected by the broken needle/thread.

Twill Flaps Row 1, Column 6