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Events Patch Set 1970-1976
Sanhican 2 Lodge

Sanhican Lodge held three special camping weekends each year: Ordeal (induction), Pilgrimage (in spring), and Fellowship (in fall). There were no patches issued for some of the weekends.

Events Row 1, all columns
Issue Bdr R/C Bkg Name fdl/BSA Year
eR1970 BLK R GRY BLK none 1970
eX1971 DYL C WHT RED none 1971
eR1972 RED R WHT RED none 1972
eR1973 GRN R GRY GRN none 1973
eX1975 DYL R WHT RED none 1975
eX1976 BLU R WHT RED none 1976