Order of the Arrow Patch Set
Sanhican Lodge 2
George Washington Council

1919: charter Trenton Lodge of the Order of the Arrow in February
1919: council name Trenton Council 362
1922: name change to Sanhican Lodge 2
1938: several council name changes between 1919-1938
1938: charter George Washington Council 362
1999: merger with Narraticong Lodge 9
1999: new Lodge name Sakuwit Lodge 2
1999: new council name Central New Jersey Council 352

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Lodge 2 First Charter Lodge
All Lodge approved issues are shown

Twill Flaps
snF01a.jpg snF02.jpg snF03.jpg snF04.jpg   snFerr.jpg
Solid Flaps
snS01.jpg snS02.jpg snS03.jpg snS04.jpg snS05.jpg  
snSF06.jpg snSF07.jpg snSF08.jpg snSF09a.jpg    
snS10.jpg snS11.jpg snS12.jpg snS13a.jpg    
snS14.jpg snS15.jpg snS16a.jpg snS17.jpg snS18.jpg  
snS21.jpg snS26.jpg       snP04.jpg
Round Patches
snr01.jpg sr2.jpg sr3.jpg sr3.jpg sr3.jpg sr4.jpg
Jacket Patches
snJ01.jpg snJ02.jpg snJ03.jpg snJ04.jpg snJ06.jpg snJ07.jpg
Lodge Issues
sm2sx1a.jpg sx2.jpg schje.jpg sp01.jpg slgdanx.jpg sn1998S.jpg
snRare01.jpg snMug01.jpg letter heads 1932 gold pin 1994 pin bbook.jpg
sneR1970.jpg sneX1971.jpg sneR1972.jpg sneR1973.jpg sneX1975.jpg sneX1976.jpg
sev77.jpg sev79.jpg sev80.jpg sp01.jpg sev83j.jpg 84FF.jpg
s85fell.jpg s86event.jpg ssev86.jpg sev87.jpg s87event.jpg sev88.jpg
sev88.jpg s89pil.jpg sev97.jpg      
Neckerchiefs (view 19 neckerchiefs)
Sanhican N01 neckerchief Sanhican N03 neckerchief Sanhican N04 neckerchief Sanhican N05 neckerchief Sanhican N06 neckerchief Sanhican N06.5 neckerchief
Sanhican N07 neckerchief Sanhican N09b neckerchief Sanhican N10 neckerchief Sanhican N13b neckerchief Sanhican N14 neckerchief Sanhican 1987 neckerchief
NOAC Issues
sn14.jpg sn14.jpg sn19x3.jpg sn20x4.jpg sn25x5.jpg  
Conclave Issues
snN01.jpg snN01.jpg dwk149 sn2nc10.jpg snN1966.jpg dwk151
sn2nc10.jpg sn2nc10.jpg snR1984.jpg snX1999b.jpg snX1999a.jpg snX1999c.jpg
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