Acknowledgement Page
Sanhican #2 Lodge Patches
George Washington Council

The Sanhican 2 Lodge patches came from a variety of sources. I fear my record keeping is not all that great. If I missed your contribution, please email me and that will be corrected. Most of the patches are from Scott Kuzma as part of the Virtual Patch Library. Some patches were copied from, with the permission of John Parnell.
Also, noted are the following:
a. Lodge Mug: David Patterson
b. 1982 S5: John Seubert
c. 1983 J4b,c,d: David Oertle
d, neckerchief N10 Rich Vannozzi
Ed Dworak contributed the following:
a. 1945 R2
b. 1961 Area-2C1961 neckerchief
c. 1961 Area-2C patch
d. 1969 Area-2C1961 neckerchief
e. 1969 Area-2C patch
f. three lodge letterheads
g. three Fseries misprints
h. neckerchief N5 no date

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