Sakuwit Lodge #2 patch X2
2003 Patch X2
Sakuwit Lodge #2 patch X3
2003 Patch X3
Sakuwit Lodge #2 patch X32
2009 Patch X32
Sakuwit Lodge #2 patch X33
Patch X33
Sakuwit Lodge patch X34
Patch X34
Sakuwit Lodge Nimat X39
Nimat Award X39
Sakuwit Lodge Nimat X40
Nimat Award X40
Sakuwit Lodge Nimat X41
Nimat Award X41

Elangomat Patch Set
Nimet Arrow Set
Central New Jersey Council
Sakuwit Lodge #2

Elangomat is the Lenni-Lenape word for friend. As Lodge Elangomat, the Scout has the opportunity to make the Order of the Arrow Ordeal experience more meaningful to the candidates. The Elangomat Award recognizes Lodge Elangomats who complete the following requirements:
a. Serves as an Elangomat on 2 occasions
b. Serves with the Brotherhood Testing team at one Lodge function.
Ref: google "Ask the Chairman - Role of the Elangomat"
NIMAT literally means "My Brother" in Lenni Lenape. A NIMAT is a Lodge brother (member) who helps other Scouts become members of the Order of the Arrow. The Nimat works with other Scouts, keeps in contact with the other Scouts, keeps a log of their activities, encourages them, helps with the Brotherhood ceremony, and more.
There is no official BSA Nimat award. Many OA Lodges create their own award programs to recognize various achievements or contributions. Some Lodges recognize brothers for their work in helping to get Ordeal brothers to attain Brotherhood honor. It is essentially an extended Elangomat effort.

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see Jamboree Issues
see Jamboree Issues

Nimat Award: for Scouts who complete a set of camping requirements
X2: Fund; GLD Award (Camperships), PB
X3: Extended Elangomat Program Award, PB
X2:  100 issued, 76x24mm arrow w/loop,
X3:  100 issued, 76x24mm arrow w/loop,
X31: 200 issued