Sakuwit Lodge #2 patch 2007 ex2007a
Sakuwit 2007 LLD Patch eX2007-1
Sakuwit Lodge #2 patch 2007 ex2007b
Sakuwit 2007 Guard Patch eX2007-2
Sakuwit Lodge #2 patch 2007 ex2007c
Sakuwit 2007 Ordeal Patch eX2007-3
Sakuwit Lodge #2 patch 2007 ex2007d
Sakuwit 2007 Fellowship Patch eX2007-4
Sakuwit Lodge #2 patch 2007 ex2007e
Sakuwit 2007 Guide Patch eX2007-5


Special Events
2007 Patch Set
Central New Jersey Council
Sakuwit Lodge 2

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Issue Bdr R/C Bkg Name fdl Year
eX2007-1 GRN R M/C GRN GRN 2007
eX2007-2 YEL R M/C YEL GRN 2007
eX2007-3 RED R M/C RED GRN 2007
eX2007-4 BLU R M/C BLU GRN 2007
eX2007-5 YEL R M/C YEL GRN 2007

eX2007-1: LLD, The Mighty Leader
eX2007-2: Spring Fling, The Guard
eX2007-3: Ordeal Weekend, The Medicine Man
eX2007-4: Fall Fellowship, The Guide
eX2007-5: Spring Fling, The Guide
note: LLD is Lodge Leadership Development