Sakuwit Lodge Patch Credits
Central New Jersey Council

The Sakuwit 2 Lodge patches, used on this set of pages, came from a variety of sources. If I missed your contribution, please email me and that will be corrected. Some of the patches are from Scott Kuzma as part of the Virtual Patch Library. Some patches were copied from, with the permission of John Parnell.
Almost all of the patches between 1999 and 2009 were contributed by David Oertle. There are simply too many to attempt to list each of them individually, at this time. After 2009, Gearld G. Case, Lodge Adviser 2007-2010, began contributing patches. This page thanks David for his significant assistance and attempts to recognize the later contributions.
Gearld G. Case contributed the following:
a. 2010: S51, S52 100th Anniversary Flaps
b. 2010: X33 Jamboree Pocket Patch Set

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