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Ajapeu Lodge 33 changes Ajapeu Lodge 2
A Letter From the Lodge Chief

For the past few months, the Lodge Executive Committee has been meeting with members of both sides of the river. We have been discussing a lot about the lodge and how it should go forward. As a part of this, one very important change was made to the identity of Ajapeu Lodge. The youth on the Lodge Executive Committee voted in an executive session to change the number of Ajapeu Lodge from 33 to 2. As we have recently received the approval of the Area 5 Director, I am now permitted to formally announce this change to you.
At one time, numbers were issued by the national Order of the Arrow committee when a new lodge formed. When two lodges merged, the lodges were presented with the choice of keeping one of the numbers or selecting a new one. Under most circumstances, the lodges would keep the lowest number or take the lowest number available. In September 2004, the national Order of the Arrow committee discontinued the lodge number system for national reporting purposes, but lodges continue to utilize the number system on a local level.
There are several reasons why the youth on the Lodge Executive Committee made this change. One of the biggest reasons is the historical and local significance. While Ajapeu has a very rich history, we now wholly include the geographic territory that made up Sanhican Lodge 2, which was the second-oldest lodge in the country, and which was a part of Sakuwit Lodge. The history that is now a part of our lodge dates to well before our council was formed. Many on the LEC thought that it would be a shame for a number with real significance to the region might go to a lodge where the number would have no significance whatsoever.
Going forward, we are one lodge. This change pays homage to our past, but also to our newest brothers. Our number, 2, reflects where we have been, but our name, which remains Ajapeu, reflects where we will go together.The youth on the LEC conducted a very lively debate on the topic, and reached a very viable solution.
Previously-issued flaps for Ajapeu Lodge that contain the number 33 will continue to be valid.
Yours in Brotherhood,
Joe Donahue
Lodge Chief
June 2014

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