Sakuwit Lodge #2
Central New Jersey Council


This paragraph by Todd Bletcher:
Sakuwit Lodge 2 is a very young lodge carrying on the traditions of a very old lodge. In 1999, Sanhican Lodge #2 and Narraticong Lodge #9 merged producing a new OA lodge boasting over 700 members. An all youth merger committee unanimously selected Sakuwit as a new name and adopted the Raccoon as a totem.   On September 2, 1999, new lodge bylaws were authorized and a new lodge was created. The name is significant because the Central New Jersey Council, BSA is located between and along the Rartian and Delaware Rivers in central New Jersey. Our Lodge totem, the raccoon, is a fitting symbol of our New Jersey camping traditions. Our Lodge number, 2, stands as a reminder to us all of the rich traditions of the Order in our area, and being the 2nd oldest lodge in the country. In 1999, we celebrated our 80th anniversary.
Sakuwit Lodge closes:
Letter from the Lodge Chief
On December 31, 2013 Central New Jersey Council began the process of divestiture. Troops in the CNJC districts transferred to four other Councils, two in New Jersey (Patriots Path Council and Monmouth Council) and two in NE Pennsylvania (Bucks County Council and Minsi Trails Council). Sakuwit Lodge 2 closed and Lodge members transfered to other Lodges in other Councils. Bucks County Council in Pennsylvania and Mercer Area District in New Jersey became Washington Crossings Council. Ajapeu Lodge 33 in Bucks County Council changed its number to Ajapeu Lodge 2.
After Council completed the transfer of Scouting units, Council then took on the challenge of divestiting its properties, mainly Yards Creek Scout Reservation and Kititinny Mountian Scout Reservation. The plan is to sell KMSR to the State. However Council must do quite a bit of work getting KMSR to meet State Standards. At this time (2015), YCSR is still sort of active. However because of a requirement to provide very expensive insurance, YCSR is not prepared to accept campers.
Time Line for Sakuwit Lodge
Shows the mergers and name changes leading to creating Sakuwit Lodge #2.
Sakuwit Lodge Chapters
Time Line for Lodge Chapters
Discusses the changes in the Lodge Chapter names.

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