What is a Conclave?

[The following information was supplied by Randall Holden as part of an exchange of emails discussing how to classified Lodge patches. You Note that for the early patches, the term Conclave was very specific. However, over time as units held more and more events of various nature, the classification has changed by popular useage.]

A gathering of arrowman is a conclave. While some like to refer to this term when it is a gathering from the neighboring lodge (an area or section), several lodges, including my own, call their weekend events conclaves. Fellowships, Pow Wows, Ordeals, Pilgrimages, and conclaves all refer to the local events where arrowmen gather.
The general exception is for the conference as the National Committee reserves that term for the major event that last longer and covers a wider ranges of activities for a larger group of arrowmen.
In any case, all of these fall under the general classification of Events and there is no need to specialize that catagory. In the listings, these are all designated with the letter 'e' (or 'E') before the shape and year (eA88=a 1988 arrowhead shape patch and the event name and more details would be listed under descriptions).

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