Comment about Patch Dimensions
Thomas A. Edison Council
Narraticong Lodge #9

Comment about Patch Dimensions
Please note that most of the length/width dimensions used for the Narraticong Lodge patches are NOT OFFICIAL.
The dimensions for a small number of patches, six or seven, are taken from the Blue Book and are shown at the bottom of each appropriate page. The dimensions for the rest of the patches were supplied by a collector of Narraticong Lodge memorabilia, who personally measured each of the patches.
Measuring dimensions of patches by hand is not very satisfactory. Patches stretch over time, or they shrink, or they get distorted. However, this is all that we can do at this time. If you can supply documentation, such as an order form or have personal knowledge, please contact us.
When comparing the dimensions of two, or more patches, don't be too strict. Use the dimensions for broad generalization. If two patches differ by one or two millimeters, it is probably best to ignore the difference and accept that the patches are about the same size.
Most of the patches for Narraticong Lodge Patch Collection came from the Virtual Patch Collection by Scott Kuzma. Most of the remaining missing patches were supplied by David Oertle. Don Turk supplied advice and guidance for a number of pages.
This acknowledges and thanks each of the people who have helped with the Narraticong Patch Collection. Please let me know if I have missed anyone.

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