Narraticong Patch YS1
Patch YS1
YS1 means this patch is a prototype, probably created around the time the S1 was created.
Narraticong 1970 Neckerchief Slide
1970 Neckerchief Slide
Narraticong 1996 Anniversarys Patch
1996 75th Anniversary Patch

Miscellanious Patches
Thomas A. Edison Council
Narraticong Lodge 9

Miscellaneous Row 1
Columns 1,2,3,4,5

Narraticong 1997 National Jamboree Patch
1997 National Jamboree Patch
Narraticong 1999 Elangomat Patch
1999 Elangomat Patch
Issue Bdr R/C Bkg Name fdl www Year
YS1 DYL R LVI RED none RED 1970
Slide none none WHT RED none RED 1970
eR1996 BLK R DBL WHT DYL none 1996
S27 SMY R BLK DGN none RED 1997
X2 DYL R DBL WHT DYL none 1999

eR1996: 97 mm, 200 Issued, Paper Back
Slide:     Leather Neckerchief Slide
S29:      1998 NOAC, 2 pc set w/X1, PB
X1:       1998 NOAC, 2 pc set w/S29, 108x130mm solid, PB
X2:       1ELG; FDL; 112x80mm twill dome; PB