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Cowaw Lodge 9 Flap 1970 Pin

This is not an official Lodge pin. The pin was made by a company called "CWI" in 1986. This company produced many such pins from defunct lodges that never made a pin of their own. Note the pin is dated 1921-1970. However, the Lodge became part of Narraticong 9 at the end of 1969, following the merger of Raritan Council 356 and Middlesex Council 344. (ref: William Griesmyer)

Cowaw Lodge 1961 Stone Arrowhead

Neckerchief Slide Set
Raritan Council
Cowaw Lodge 9

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1957: Pow Wow Neckerchief Slide
1965: COWAW printed correctly
1965: COWAN printed in error
1969: Leather Slide; Up, Up and O. A.
1961: "COWAW" engraved vertically and is difficult to see