On-line Resources for Eagle Candidates
Soar with the Eagles

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Eagle Planning Guide
Eagle Planning Guide
Project Ideas
Eagle Rank Requirements
Eagle Palm Requirements
US Scouts Eagle Pages
Alpha Phi Omega
Troop 97

by Joseph Sinniger, PDF format
by Bob Evans, Chief Seattle Council
National Eagle Scout Association
National Service Fraternity
great site, hard to categorize
use your search engine for more information


use link planning the Court of Honor
some sample Courts of Honor, great resource
search for Eagle Court of Honor

Want to Replace
Your Eagle Card?

Write a letter to the National Eagle Scout Service, 1325 West Walnut Hill Lane, PO Box 152079, Irving, TX, 75015-2079. Briefly explain your request, and provide as much detail as possible, such as the date of your Eagle Board of Review, your troop, council, city, state, etc. Include your Social Security Number as well as your current address and phone number. Also, if possible, provide a photo-copy of your current card.