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Guidelines for Earning Your Eagle Rank

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This set of pages was written several years ago as a generalized guide, suitable for use by any council, for getting started on your Eagle project. The material represents my observations over many years of working with Eagle candidates, and may differ from current expectations in your council. Ask your unit Eagle advisor about specific requirements or guidelines that your council may have.

When to begin

After you receive your Life Scout rank, you should receive the Eagle Scout Leadership Service Project Workbook and the Eagle Rank Application form. Some units provide this material, other units may expect you to get these items from your Council Service Center. You will not need the Eagle Rank Application until after you complete your service project.

To be eligible for the Eagle rank, you must earn 21 merit badges, perform a service project of significant value to the community, and complete some other requirements listed in the Scout Handbook. You may begin working on your service project anytime after you earn Life, regardless of the number of merit badges that you have earned. You must complete all requirements and submit the necessary paperwork to Council before you reach your 18th birthday. You may have your Board of Review up to 90 days after your eighteenth birthday (this can be extended for certain situations).

Follow the instructions in the Eagle Scout Leadership Service Project Workbook carefully. All the necessary steps are outlined in the workbook and most of the material can be used in the writing of the final report. Make several copies of the workbook and of the Eagle Rank Application before writing anything. Make all your entries in the copies and when you are satisfied with your work, then fill out the original forms. Usually, it takes about three tries before you get the Eagle Rank Application filled in correctly.

What you must do

Eagle Service

Plan, organize, and direct a project of significant value to the community. Your project must be approved by your unit leader, unit committee, and council or district advancement committee before you actually begin working on the project.

Eagle Service
Project Report

After completing the project, prepare a report that discusses your project. You may start your report whenever you feel ready. Complete the additional requirements listed in the Scout Handbook. Then, complete and submit the Eagle Rank Application to your unit advancement person or Eagle advisor. You must complete all requirements before your 18th birthday and have your Eagle Rank Application signed by the appropriate person at your Council Service Center.

Eagle Board
of Review

After your Eagle Rank Application is signed, arrange to have a Board of Review. The Board should include a representative from the District Advancement Committee. If the Board does not accept your application, then the Board must explain why the application was refused and what can be done (if possible) to correct any problems. You have the right to appeal the Board's decision.

Review by
BSA National

After the Board of Review and after the application has been appropriately signed, return all your paperwork and a properly completed Advancement Report to the Council Service Center. Council will send this material to National Headquarters for a final review, which normally takes about four to six weeks. If National accepts your application, you are now an Eagle Scout and your unit can begin planning your Eagle Court of Honor to award you with your new rank.


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