Semeos District 1993 Camporee Patch
1993 Spring Camporee Patch
SEMEOSDistrict 1996 Camporee Patch
1996 Spring Camporee Patch
SEMEOS District 1996 Klondike  Patch
1996 Klondike Patch
SEMEOS  District 1997 Camporee  Patch
1997 Camporee Patch
SEMEOS District Adventure Weekend Patch
Adventure Weekend Patch, no date
SEMEOS District Mall Show Patch
Mall Show Patch, no date

SEMEOS District Patch Set 1993-1997
Thomas A. Edison Council

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SEMEOS District Row 3 all columns
patches not necessarily to scale

Bdr R/C Bkg Name Year Comment
GRN R WHT RED 1993 dome
GRN/WHT R TAN RED 1996 rectangle
RED R BLU BLK 1996 round
GRN R BRN ORG 1997 shoe
BLK R WHT BLK no date round
RED R BLU ORG no date round