Raritan Council 1968 Camporee Patch
Raritan 1968 Camporee Patch
Raritan council Caveman 1968 patch
1968 Cave-man patch, 3 inch diameter
Raritan Council 1969 Patch
Raritan 1969 Patch
Raritan council Klondike 1969 patch
1969 Klondike patch, 3 x 3 inches

1968-1969 Patch Set
Raritan Council

Al Zusman writes about Raritan Camporees:
Camporees of the 1950s were Council wide and held at Roosevelt Park. This is a county park which abuts Menlo Park Mall. There were patrol competitions which took place during the afternoon where the units would go from event to event competing against other patrols. The contests were all Scouting skills like compass, wig-wag or semaphore code transmissions, fire building with flint and steel, lashing, knot tying etc. Commissioners would inspect each troop campsite and award ribbons. The highlight of the event was the campfire which was often run by the Cowaw program staff. It served as a camp promotion event. The OA held its "Tap Out" where candidates were announced for the coming ordeal. As the council grew the camporees were divided up by districts and held in other venues.
The 1969 patches and neckerchief were probably the very last issues from Raritan Council. This would be the period when Raritan Council was scheduled to merge with Middlesex Council to form the Thomas A. Edison Council. Patches are not necessarily to scale.

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