Raritan Council 1946 Rendezvous Patch
Raritan 1946 Rendezvous Patch
Raritan Council 1947 Paul Bunyan Patch
Raritan 1947 Paul Bunyan Patch
Raritan Council 1948 Paul Bunyan Patch
Raritan 1948 Paul Bunyan Patch
Raritan Council 1948 Expedition Patch
Raritan 1948 Expedition Patch
Raritan Council 1949 Paul Bunyan Patch
Raritan 1949 Paul Bunyan Patch

1946-1952 Patch Set
Raritan Council

This is a really strange page. All of a sudden, no one remembers how to spell Raritan. Can anyone explain how this could happen? I have been assured by several people that these are indeed authentic Council patches?

1950 Camp Tamarack Patch
1950 Camp Patch
1951 Camp Tamarack Patch
1951 Camp Patch
1952 Camp Tamarack Patch
1952 Camp Patch

The bottom row shows some very nice patches, but there is no indication that they are Raritan Council patches. Notice that Raratin Council did issue a camp patch in 1951, the very attractive Liberty Bell shown in Council Issues, Row 4.
Randall Holder comments:
The Paul Bunyan camp at Tamarack was a separate program at summer camp. Camp NoBeBoSco had the same setup at their camp. Kittatanny Mountain Scout Reservation ran a similar program with regular summer camp at Camp Sakawawin and the Paul Bunyan program at Camp Cowaw.

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Council Issues Row 3, Columns 1 to 6
not necessarily shown to scale

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