Raritan Council Patch Collection
From 1919 to 1969
Boy Scouts of America

1919: chartered as Perth Amboy Council 356, Perth Amboy NJ
1927: changed name to Raritan Council 356, Perth Amboy, NJ
1969: merger with Middlesex Council 344
1969: new council is Thomas A. Edison Council 352


Council Issues
Raritan Felt Patchfelt Raritan Rockerrocker Raritan RWSrws Raritan Camp Patch
Raritan Camp Patch
Raritan Camp Patch
Raritan 1938 Patch
Raritan 1940 Camporee Patch
Raritan 1945 Camporee Patch
Raritan Camporee patch1947 Raritan Junior Leader Patch
junior leader
Raritan 1946 Rendezvous Patch1946 Raritan 1947 Paul Bunyan Patch1947 Raritan 1948 Expedition Patch1948 Raritan 1948 Paul Bunyan Patch1948 Raritan 1949 Paul Bunyan Patch1949 1950 Tamarack Patch1950-1952
Raritan 1951 Camporee Patch1951 Raritan 1954 Camporee Patch1955 Raritan 1961 Neckerchief1961 Raritan 1963 Camporee Patch1963
Raritan 1968 Cave-man Patch1968 Raritan 1968 Cave-man Patch1968 Raritan 1969 Klondike Patch
Raritan 1969 Patch1969  
Raritan 1961 Klondike Patch1959 Raritan 1961 Klondike Patch1961 Raritan 1969 Camporee Patch1969 Raritan NoDate Camporee Patchno date   
District Issues
Raritan Central District PatchCentral 1964 Raritan Central District PatchCentral 1966 Raritan Northeast District PatchNortheast Raritan Northeast District PatchNtheast 1964 Raritan Northeast District PatchSouth 1963 Raritan Northeast District PatchSouth 1966
Raritan Northeast District PatchSouth 1967 Raritan Northeast District PatchSouth 1968 Raritan Northeast District PatchSouth 1968 Raritan 1968 Roll-a-rama PatchSouth 1968  
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