Middlesex Council Neckerchief gold
Middlesex Neckerchief gold
Middlesex Council Neckerchief  green
Middlesex Neckerchief green
Middlesex Council 1969 Neckerchief
1969 Middlesex Neckerchief
Middlesex Council Johnstone Historical Museum NeckerchiefJohnstone Historical Museum Neckerchief

Middlesex Council Neckerchief Set
Johnstone Museum Neckerchief  
Middlesex-Raritan Council

The National Headquarters of the Boy Scouts of America was located in New Brunswick, New Jersey at Brunswick Circle, the intersection of US Route 1 and State Route 130. After Linden Baines Johnson became President of the United States, the BSA Headquarters moved to Irvine, Texas. The circle is gone and the former Headquarters building has been replaced with a small shopping center.

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Council Issues Row 2, Columns 1,2,3,4
top two neckerchiefs courtesy Elias Schneider