1975 woodbadge patch
1975 Woodbadge Patch
1979 woodbadge patch
1979 Woodbadge Patch
1984 woodbadge patch
1984 Woodbadge Patch
1985 woodbadge patch
1985 Woodbadge Patch
1986 woodbadge patch
1986 Woodbadge Patch
1987 woodbadge patch
1987 Woodbadge Patch
1988 woodbadge patch
1988 Woodbadge Patch
1989 woodbadge patch
1989 Woodbadge Patch
1990 woodbadge patch
1990 Woodbadge Patch
1991 woodbadge patch
1991 Woodbadge Patch
1992 woodbadge patch
1992 Woodbadge Patch
1993 woodbadge patch
1993 Woodbadge Patch
1994 woodbadge patch
1994 Woodbadge Patch
1995 jacket patch
1995 Jacket Patch
1997 woodbadge patch
1997 Woodbadge Patch
1998 woodbadge patch
1998 Woodbadge Patch
1999 woodbadge patch
1999 Woodbadge Patch
1995 jacket patch
1999 Staff Patch
Gillwell Rocker
Gillwell Community Strip
worn on the shoulder

Wood Badge Patch Set 1975-1998
George Washington Council

Randall Holden writes about the 1979 Yards Creek round patch:
"I attended that Wood Badge course as a trainee. My number was NE IV-19-25 and I was in the Owl patrol. NE IV-19-25 stands for Northeast Region, Section 4 (our assigned area, council wise), course 19 (our training class), and 25 was my registration number (given only to those Scouts that complete the course). Similar to a troop, the training course is set up with patrols eg. Beaver, Bobwhite, Buffalo, Eagle, Fox, and Owl were on our course. The more people at the course, the more patrols."
"There was a leadership patrol with a SPL, SM, ASM, and a course a director to assist the SM. Some of the titles have changed over the years but principles remain the same. Each patrol has a Coach Counselor, now called Troop Guides. These are your contacts until you complete your 'ticket'. Your ticket is basically your outline as to how you take your training on this course and apply it to whatever role you are performing in Scouting. Most tickets take a year, take some longer. At the end, when you complete your ticket' there is a review and an awards ceremony where you receive your beads."

"There was a problem getting the patch for this Wood Badge course. GWC did not have any money in their budget for the patches. I called Moritz and they delivered the patches in less than a week so I could distribute them at the final weekend's feast as my patrol's 'thank you'. The design I used for the NE IV-19 Woodbadge was a generic patch, only the words changed from order to order. There are probably 200 uses of this design, including four camps here in NJ (NoBeBoSco, Brookville, Passaic Valley Camps, and Southern NJ)."
Editor's Notes:
Thanks Randell for the Wood badge discussion. These rules have changed a couple of times over the years. The best way to see the latest rules is to do a web search for Wood Badge codes.

George Washington Council Patch Collection
1979 Yards Creek patch courtsey Ed Dworak
Gilwell Rocker patch courtsey Ed Dworak