1995 jacket patch
1995 Jacket Patch
1997 woodbadge patch
1997 Woodbadge Patch
1998 woodbadge patch
1998 Woodbadge Patch
1999 woodbadge patch
1999 woodbadge Patch
1999 woodbadge patch
1999 woodbadge Staff
courtsey Ed Drowak

Wood Badge Patch Set 1995-1998
George Washington Council

The 1995 patch is a jacket patch and measures 6 by 8 inches. Why did Council change patch style for 1998? Patches for several of the earlier years show the letters TAP. Research on the web seems to indicate this may be related to the practice of “tapping” the Scout for membership in the Order of the Arrow.
Ed Dworak writes:
I believe the 1996 patch is the only one we are missing. It’s interesting that for a little more than ten years the Wood Badge patches were the same design except for color and year and then in 1995 the designs were different each time. Also interesting , CNJC started January 1 of 1999, yet the 1999 patch states George Washington Council. Could the patches have been ordered before the merger was announced?
Several web sites feature the Wood Badge Gilwell Song. Try searching for "Wood Badge Gilwell Song" or for "Back to Gilwell".

History of the Wood Badge
George Washington Council Patch Collection
Woodbadge Issues Row 3, columns 1,2,3,4,5

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