Trenton Times writes about Toad Hollow

This page presents several articles taken from the Trenton Times. These were contributed by David Patterson and we thank David for sharing his research. The articles are shown in time order.

by Trenton-Mercer Area Boy Scout Press Club
Sunday Times Advertiser, January 3, 1931
On Memorial Day Scouts and Scouting lost a good friend when Jacob R. Hughes answered the last roll call. Mr. Hughes. as the owner of the property on which Camp Toad Hollow is situated, was known to many active in Scouting. For years Toad Hollow was the official overnight hike site for the entire council and hundreds of boys and men have camped there. Since the camp site was relinquished by the council It has been taken over by Troop 66 of the Trenton Fire Department and Headquarters.
The Hughes family has repeatedly turned down advantageous offers from civilians for the use of their camp site in order that the Scouts of the George Washington Council might benefit by its use. Their splendid cooperation and friendly attitude have contributed largely to the popularity Of Toad Hollow. The council in general, and Troop in particular, convey their deepest sympathy to the family. A uniformed delegation from Troop 66 paid their respects Thursday evening.
Naturalists Plan Trip to Toad Hollow Camp
Trenton Evening Times, September 26, 191941
The Trenton Naturalist Club has planned a field trip to the Toad Hollow Scout Camp Sunday morning to look for birds and Fall wild flowers. The meeting place will be the State Museum at 8:30 A. M. Directions for reaching Toad Hollow are: Follow Nottingham Way through Mercerville to Five-Points: from there go straight along Linburg Road past left turn at high tension wires; take next left turn called Hughes Drive; follow it to old railroad roadbed; turn right on roadbed and follow it about three-quarters of a mile to wheat field; park car and hike left to vicinity of scout camp. All nature-lovers will be welcome on this trip.

Another Boon to Scouting
Sunday Times Advertiser, June 4, 1939
Boy Scouts Of the Trenton-Mercer Area are doubtless enthusiastic over the news that, as a result of a Christmas gift from the executive board, an ideal Winter camping site is to be developed on the Edinburg Road. Some time this month. "Toad Hollow Camp" as the grounds are to be known, will be opened with (quarters sufficient for eight Scouts and a leader.
The innovation will mean a great deal to Scout activities during the Winter months. Saturday hikers will have a definitive objective. and the possibilities for nature work and general Scout learning will be markedly facilitated. As is usual with Scout enterprise, careful supervision and direction of the camp have been guaranteed by George E. Davey, Boy Scout executive. Parents need have no fear that the rigors of open air life in the Winter will be in any way detrimental to the sound development of youth.
This new camp, together with the excellent faciities at Pahaquarra, and aboard the good ship Ballantrae, will mean much for the future of Scouting In the Trenton-Mercer Area. The lads living in this general vicinity are fortunate in having such well conducted and wholesome media for beneficial enjoyment of the outdoors.

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