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Central New Jersey Council Timeline

The chart reads from top to bottom (1998 to current time). In 1999, the three districts from George Washington Council transferred intact. At the same time, the four districts from Thomas A. Edison Council were re-organized into three new districts. "Semeos was the merged district, with Somerset, Edison, Metuchen, East Brunswick, Old Bridge and Sayreville. This comprised parts of the old Arrowhead and Lenape districts." (Bruce Weigel)
Pahaquarra District created
Council relocates headquarters

Hunterdon Arrowhead District and Jenny Jump District merged on June 18, 2008 to form the Pahaquarra District, serving all the units in Hunterdon and Warren Counties. Also in 2008, the Central New Jersey Council moved from its location at 4315 US Highway 1 South in Monmouth Junction to a new location at 2245 US Highway 130 South, Suite 106 in Dayton, NJ.
Mattameechen District created
SEMEOS District and Raritan Bay District merged in year 2010 to form the Mattameechen District, serving all the units in Middlesex County
Council Closes
Click Here for a short discussion of CNJC closing and where the various troops relocated.

Central New Jersey Council
Rev: 26 May 2011