Pahaquarra District Patch 2000
Pahaquarra 2009 Yukon Trail Patch
Pahaquarra District Patch 2009
Pahaquarra 2010 Camporee Patch
Pahaquarra District Patch 2012
Pahaquarra 2012 Yukon Trail Patch


Pahaquarra District Patch 2013
Pahaquarra 2013 Camporee Patch Patch
designed by Doug Walker
Pahaquarra District Patch 2013
Pahaquarra Cub Day Patch
designed by Doug Walker

Pahaquara District Patch
Set 2009-2013
Central New Jersey Council

Doug Walker comments on the 2013 patch:
This was a first aid themed camporee. The center of the patch spells First Aid (FIRST going down and AID going across). They even had a state police helicopter land at the event. It was the last major event held by the District at YCSR. The snakes going up the side are a copperhead and a rattlesnake, representing the two types of poisonous snakes in camp…and playing on the use of the doctor’s symbol with the totem wrapped snakes. And the cross represents First Aid.
If you look closely in the blue background on the right side, opposite the ghosted fleur de lis, you will see the W\ ghosted on the patch (difficult to see). That happens to be the brand used by Elliott Phillips (son of Waite Phillips, donor of land for Philmont) until he gave it up when he retired. When possible, I try to incorporate it into patch designs.

Central New Jersey Council District Patch Collection

Bdr R/C Bkg Name Year Comment
BLK R YEL BLK 2009 round
BRN R BRN BRN 2010 shoe
BLU R GRN WHT 2012 round, loop
R/W R BLU WHT 2013 oval, loop
BLU R WHT RED no date round, loop