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Central New Jersey Council stretches across New Jersey, from the Delaware River to the Atlantic Ocean. Scouts can experience the farms and open space of Warren and Hunterdon counties, the suburbs of Mercer County and the busy activity of the Capital City of Trenton, the urban areas and the Atlantic Shore in Middlesex county. This is an area rich in the history of the War of Independence, the Industrial Revolution, the inventions of Thomas A. Edison, and the great scientific discoveries of our age. Many major corporations are located in our council, particularly along the Route 1 corrider.

Camping is available throughout the year with facilities for a structured week-long camp experience during summer, or for unit-oriented short-term camping. This set of pages provides a brief introduction to the current Council, with links to currently available facilities and resources.

Council History
Central New Jersey Council was created January 1, 1999 with the merger of the former George Washington Council and the former Thomas A. Edison Council. The link to Council History is one way, with no return link in the History pages. Use your browser Back function to return to this page, or return to the Historical site home page.

Central New Jersey Council is closed
Central New Jersey Council closed after Febuary 28, 2014. The Council is gone, disbanded, meaning the Council did not merge with another Council. Each of the camps have closed. Troops did not move as a group to another Council. Some troops went to some Councils, other troops went to other Councils. Lodge members split up between various nearby Lodges.

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Jan 19, 2009