ycsr 1992 patch
1992 Camp Patch
with Thick Letters
20 year Anniversary
ycsr 1992 patch
1992 Camp Patch
with Thin Letters
20 year Anniversary
ycsr 1995 patch
1995 Patch
ycsr 1996 patch
1996 Patch

Camp Patch Set 1992-1996
Yards Creek Scout Reservation

Camp Closes
The 1992 Anniversary Patch is similar to the earlier 1987-1991 patches. The Totem Pole is located in front of the lake, looking away from Camp Pahaquarra, with an FDL on the left and right sides of the patch.
The 1995 and 1996 patches, while generally similar to the 1992 patch, have some significant differences. For both patches, the side FDLs are a different color from the camp name. Worse, the style of the lettering at the top of the patch differs from the style of the lettering at the bottom of the patch. On the 1996 patch, the FDLs slant in different directions and are not lined up. All of the patches are 3-inch Round.
It is not clear what happened in 1993 and 1994. I have a note saying no patch was issued and leftovers were used. Does this mean Scouts simply used any old patch they happened to have, or did the camp shop sell any old patch it happend to find in the back room. Please contact me if you know what the situation was for these years.
Sometime after 1992, it became clear that there were problems with the camp infrastructure. Somehow, this only got worse, until the camp had to close down after the 1996 summer camping season. The camp was able to open a few years later for limited camping only, bring all your own supplies.

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