yards creek 1982 patch
1982 Patch 
10 year Anniversary
yards creek 1983 patch.jpg
1983 Patch
3.5-inch Patch (size error)
yards creek 1984 patch.jpg
1984 Patch
3-inch Patch
yards creek 1985 patch
1985 Patch 
75 Year Boy Scouting Anniversary
yards creek 1986 patch
1986 Patch

10 Year Anniversary
In this set, we see the front of the Totem Pole. The Totem Pole is now a little closer, in front of the mountain, looking to our left, away from Camp Pahaquarra. However, the Totem Pole is on the far side of the lake and has not quite reached YCSR.
Each patch, except for 1983, is 3-inch Round. Any idea why the 3.5-inch patch was used? Here are some comments by Jeff Pierson. "I believe it was someone in the council office that did that. As I remember Dick Lennon was pretty surprised when we opened the boxes. I believe the mix up was based on an outside versus inside measurement, but I am not sure when I heard that." Jeff served on staff as ecology, Aquatics Director, Program Director, and in 1989 as Camp Director.

Camp Patch Set 1982-1986
Yards Creek Scout Reservation

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John Seubert has supplied a photo of the errant patch shown beneath a wooden ruler. The patch diameter is clearly 3 and 1/2 inches. The two patches above, shown to scale, do not appear to support the theory of outside versus inside measurement. (jos)
Note, for patches from 1980-1984 and 1986, there is a single, large, red FDL centered in the lake and in front of the Totem Pole. This changes in 1987.