Camp Patch Design
Yards Creek Scout Reservation

(The following information was provided by John Seubert. John has served at many levels at YCSR, including camper, Kitchen Staff, Clerk, Commissioner, Dining Hall, Aquatics Director, Program Director. Thanks John for sharing this bit of history. The use of "I" below refers to John.)

ycp1972.jpg   gwrr.jpg

When YCSR opened in 1972, the totem pole on the patch was behind the mountain looking right, symbolic of the abandonment of Pahaquarra, which was just on the other side of the mountain. Notice that the white and green mountains are mirror imaged from the George Washington Council totem pole patch that Pahaquarra used. The YCSR patch is supposed to be looking back at Pahaquarra, from behind, just over those mountains behind YCSR.

ycsr82.jpg   ycsr88_2a.jpg

In 1982, for YCSR's 10th anniversary, Alan VanNatta moved the totem pole over to this side of the mountain, symbolic of our council's spirit moving from Pahaquarra to YCSR.
In 1987, for the 15th anniversary, I brought the totem pole to the foreground, completing the journey. I doodled that design quite a bit in 1986, anticipating the change I wanted to make for 1987. The border was supposed to be the same gray as the lettering, but the black turned out okay. The mug turned out better than the patch, and the neckerchiefs and tee-shirts were perfect.

Yards Creek Scout Reservation Patches