yards creek 1983 camp neckerchief
1983 Camp Neckerchief
yards creek 1987 staff neckerchief
1987 Staff Neckerchief
yards creek 1988 camp neckerchief
1988 Camp Neckerchief
yards creek 1988 neckerchief
1988 Staff Neckerchief

Camp Neckerchiefs 1983, 1987, 1988
Yards Creek Scout Reservation

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1983, 1988 neckerchiefs contributed by Robert Sulia

Brd Bkg FDL Name Year Comment
DGN WHT one RED 1983 Camp
BLK WHT two BLK 1987 Staff
BLK BLU two BLK 1988 Camp
BLK BLU two BLK 1988 Staff