Sakawawin 1950s Round Patch 1
1950s Round Patch 1
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1950s Round Patch 2
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1950s Round Patch 3
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1950s Round Patch 4
Sakawawin 1950 Arrowhead Patch
1950 Arrowhead Patch
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1952 Round Patch
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1961 Round Patch
Sakawawin 1970 Patch
Camp Sakawawin 1970 Patch

Camp Sakawawin
Middlesex Council

Camp Sakawawin Patch Collection
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Randall Holden comments on the 1970 patch:
For the 1970 year, there was a debate on what the newly expanded camp would be called. Tocks Island forced the sale of Camp Cowaw on the Delaware. Camp Sakawawin just became property of the newly formed Thomas A Edison Council and the proceeds of the sale of Cowaw were to purchase the property across the street from Sakawawin. Originally being called Johnson Woods, the powers to be chose not to use this name. So for the 1970 year, it was called the Thomas A Edison Scout Camps (C for Cowaw and S for Sakawawin). In 1971, the camp was renamed Kittatinny Mountain Scout Reservation.
Al Zusman adds to Randall's comments:
I discussed this patch with a few Scouts who were on staff in 1970 which seems to be the year of the patch. As Randy stated the C and S represent the two camps on the Reservation. The pine tree was the Lodge 9 totem. Cowaw is translated as “Little Pine Tree”. I do not know what the acorn and leaf represent, but I would guess that it relates to the Sakawawin Lodge. Another mystery you may wish to explore is the missing monument. Coming from route 206 you find the main parking lot of KMSR on the left and an added lot on the right. If you were to turn into the right hand lot you would be on what was the Cowaw side. About 25 yards up and to the right once stood a rather large boulder. Perhaps 8 foot wide and 4 foot high, it was at least 4 foot in depth. On that rather large rock there was a plaque that was there for at least 35 years. The inscription noted the purchase of land for the Cowaw side to allow for the now larger councils camp. Memory tells me that the then Perth Amboy Evening News was a major factor in the purchase of the land. I understand that bronze plaques like this will disappear and end up melted down for cash. In this case not only is the plaque missing, believe it or not the boulder is also no where to be found. The two highway markers indicating the camp was the next turn off the highway disappeared just about when the council was closed.
A few more comments:
It is important to understand that Camp Sakawawin had several different names over the years from 1929 to 1969. Camp Cowaw existed from 1920 to 1969. In 1970 both camps were officially sold and their assets were moved to what was to become Kittatinany Mountain Scout Reservation (KMSR). Athough the camps were officially closed, the names did not go away. Two sections were created in the new KMSR, one called Camp Cowaw and the other Camp Sakawawin.