camp sign
Camp Sign Summer 1961
Camp Staff 1961
The paddle lists the names of all the staff for 1961
swim area
Swim Area
Camp Sakawawin Canteen Summer 1961

Memories of Camp Sakawawin
by Al McGeehan

Al McGeehan writes:
These were wonderful summers when as a scout back in the 1950s I, with many others, drove north on New Jersey State Route 206 and spent our week at Camp Sakawawin. It was many a scout camper's dream to someday have the chance to serve on the staff and then be able to stay for the entire summer. I spent two summers serving on the Campcraft Staff and drinking "bug juice" three meals a day. I left New Jersey in the fall of 1962 to Attend Hope College in Holland, Michigan and for the past 50 plus years have called Holland,"home". Now my youngest son is a scout master and his oldest son is working on his eagle rank while his younger son has just moved from Cub Scout to a Tenderfoot.
The Camp Sakawawin Canteen is where a camper could buy candy. The "camp rule" back then was if you saw another camper throwing a candy wrapper on the ground, the guilty camper was responsible to buy you the same candy bar from the canteen store. The clean strategy worked to perfection!

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Camp Sakawawin History
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photos by Al McGeehan