Camp Pahaquarra Totem

camp totem
Click photo to see the totem on some George Washinton Council patches. Use your computer Back function to return.

This is the original totem shown on many of the earlier patches and neckerchiefs. The totem is about a foot tall, the wingspan is about 8 inches and the base is about 4 to 5 inches deep. Notice the rattlesnake image carved into the bottom of the pole with the rattles (the Sanhican Lodge #2 totem) and if you look closely, the totem segment with the green column in it also has the dots in a "W" pattern, which is probably a nod to the OA. his was carved by a Scout at Pahaquarra in the late 1930s and used in the GWC, Sanhican and other collections since about 1950
Another avid wood carver was Jack Williamson. You can see some of his work at the New Jersey Scout Museum. Jack was a long time Scoutmaster from Perth Amboy, dating back to the Raritan Council days, through its merger with Middlesex Council, forming Thomas A. Edison Council. He carved the three totem poles that graced KMSR, outside the Adminisration building, formerly Camp Sakawawin. Anyone with an item carved by Jack is a very fortunate person. (from Randall Holden and Don Turk)

Camp Pahaquarra History
totem courtsey Doug Walker
Nov 20, 2015