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Camp Rockers 1969-1971
Camp Pahaquarra

Because this was the last year of Camp Pahaquarra, there was an unusually strong demand for the "1971 rocker". After the camp ran out of the narrow print rockers, a second batch of rockers was ordered. The two rockers have the same width, but the second version is a little taller, with bolder print.
Compare the two 1971 rockers carefully (a magnifier helps). Note that the weave in the upper rocker is considerably coarser than the weave in the lower rocker. This is most evident in the white space between Camp and Pahaquarra. The weave on the upper 1971 rocker looks somewhat similar to the weave on the 1969 and 1970 rockers. This probably indicates that the upper 1971 rocker was the first order and the lower 1971 rocker was the second order.

Camp Pahaquarra Patch Collection
sizes differ because patches scanned at different times
please contact us if you have better patches
Rockers Row 5, columns 1,2,3,4