camp pahaquarra 1929 pennant
1929 Pahaquarra Pennant
camp pahaquarra 1968 pennant
1968 Pahaquarra Pennant
camp pahaquarra 1930s pennant
1929/1930s Pahaquarra Pennant
camp pahaquarra 1971 pennant
1971 Pahaquarra Pennant
camp pahaquarra 1930s pennant
1930s Pahaquarra Pennant

Camp Pennant Set 1929-1971
Camp Pahaquarra

The bottom-left pennant is from Bill Topkis. Notice the small bear patch just above the pennant. The pennant came with the bear patch clipped to the pennant. If you look really close, you may see the paper clip at the top.

Bill Topkis comments:
"The pennant came with the bear patch attached by a paper clip. My experience with badges like the bear is that it is a "stock" patch (could be ordered out of a catalog by anyone) and that it probably was for some camp achievement."

Ed Dworak notes that he believes at one time the 1929 button was clipped onto the 1929 pennant. The pennants are not shown to scale. Notice the letters on the 1920/1930s pennant are identical to the letters on the 1929. If you expand the image size by two or three sizes, you get a really good view of the pennant fabric.

The pennants are definitely not shown to scale. The top-right pennant length is less than half the length of the bottom-right pennant. It's nice to see the 1971 pennant refer back to 1921 Rotary Island.

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