Phaquarra Felt Staff Patch
Felt Staff Patch
4.5 inch diameter
Phaquarra Early Felt Round Patch
Early Felt Round Patch
Phaquarra Early Felt Round Patch
Early Felt Round Patch
Phaquarra Early Felt Shield Patch
Early Felt Shield Patch
Phaquarra 1945 Arrowhead Patch
1945 Arrowhead Patch
about 2-1/4 inch wide
Camp Pahaquarra 1937 felt patch
Pahaquaara 1937 Felt Patch

Early Felt Patches
Camp Pahaquarra

The felt patch is dated 1937 because that date is printed on the photo.
Ed Dworak writes about the round staff patch:
“I would have a hard time dating it. The previous last felt was from 1945. The totem pole design didn’t appear until the standard GWC round in 1951 and the 1951-1971 rockers were issued. The fact that it states ‘Camp Pahaquarra’ and not ‘Pahaquarra Scout Reservation’ puts it at pre-1961. In my time at Pahaquarra from I never saw the patch.”
In 1962 GWC started referring to the camp as “Pahaquarra Scout Reservation” not “Camp Pahaquarra.” The totem pole design on official GWC items originated in 1951. I attended Pahaquarra from 1958 through 1968 as a Scout, Explorer (2 years on staff) and 1 year as an adult leader. I never saw the yellow felt staff patch or the similar green neckerchief of the same design during that time. I honestly would date it as 1951 to 1961 based on the Camp Pahaquarra instead of Pahaquarra Scout Reservation unless if it’s an unofficial design originated by some of the staff members.
Randall Holden comments:
I have not seen the faded blue round issue. Since Pahaquarra has not used blue in any of its other patches, I question whether this is an ‘official' patch. This may have been a prototype. In those days, camp patches were earned, not bought in the trading post as we were able to do (some camps, including mine at Glen Gray, also had earned patches/segments). This dates earlier than 1937 from what I have been told but do not have the documentation to back it up. The white felt P predates the blue on white shield (1930s), the white on light blue round (1930s-1940s), and the light blue on white felt arrowhead (1940s)

Camp Pahaquarra Patch Collection
Camp Issues Row 2, columns 1-6


Early Round: 3-inch diameter, Silk Screen
Early Round: 3-inch diameter, Teepee, Trees
Early Shield: Silk Screened BSA, Teepees under Arch
1945: Silk Screened Indian Profile