Camp Pahaquarra Patch Acknowledgements

This page acknowledges the contributors of the various patches, neckerchiefs, etc. to the Pahaquarra patch site. Please let us know if we have missed anyone. There is no way this list will ever be fully correct. The Pahaquarra website has been supported by several of the Scouts who have spent summers at the camp.

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Camp Issues
row 1  pqButton.htmround1929CitizenEd Dworak
row 1pqButton.htmroundno dateMetricEd Dworak
row 1pqButton.htmroundno dateClerkBill Topkis
row 1pqButton.htmroundno dateJudgeRandall Holden
row 2pqFelt.htmroundno dateStaffDoug Walker
row 2pqFelt.htmroundno dateFeltEd Dworak
row 2pqFelt.htmroundno dateFeltEd Dworak
row 2pqFelt.htmshieldno datetentsno name
row 2pqFelt.htmarrowhead1945Braveno name
row 2pqFelt.htmletter P1937Feltno name
row 3pq07.htmround1946green bdrno name
row 3pq07.htmround1947red bdrno name
row 3pq07.htmround1948black bdrno name
row 3pq07.htmround 1950anniversaryno name
row 3pq07.htmround, loop1971anniversaryno name
row 3pq07.htmcup1971anniversaryno name
row 1pqrs1951.htmrocker1951black bdrno name
row 1pqrs1951.htmrocker1952black bdrno name
row 1pqrs1951.htmrocker1953black bdrno name
row 1pqrs1951.htmrocker1954black bdrno name
row 1pq1936.htmrocker1936CamporalEd Dworak
row 1pq1936.htmrocker1937CamporalEd Dworak
row 1pq1936.htmrocker1947CamporalDoug Walker
row 1pq1936.htmrocker1947CamporalDoug Walker
row 1pq1936.htmrocker1948CamporalDoug Walker
row 2pqrs1955.htmrocker1955black bdrno name
row 2pqrs1955.htmrocker1956black bdrno name
row 2pqrs1955.htmrocker1957black bdrno name
row 2pqrs1955.htmrocker1958red bdrno name
row 2pqrsStaff.htmrockerno dateStaffno name
row 2pqrsStaff.htmrockerno dateCamporeeno name
row 2pqrsStaff.htmrockerno dateStaffno name
row 3pqrs1959.htmrocker1959red bdrno name
row 3pqrs1959.htmrocker1960red bdrno name
row 3pqrs1959.htmrocker1961red bdrno name
row 3pqrs1959.htmrocker1962red bdrno name
row 3pqrs1959.htmrocker1963red bdrno name
row 3pqrsStaff.htmrockerno dateStaffno name
row 4pqrs1964.htmrocker1964red bdrno name
row 4pqrs1964.htmrocker1965red bdrno name
row 4pqrs1966.htmrocker1966red bdrno name
row 4pqrs1964.htmrocker1967red bdrno name
row 4pqrs1964.htmrocker1968red bdrno name
row 4 pqrsStaff.htmrockerno dateStaffno name
row 5pqrs1969.htmrocker1969red bdrno name
row 5pqrs1969.htmrocker1970red bdrno name
row 5pqrs1969.htmrocker1971red bdrno name
row 5pqrs1969.htmrocker1971red bdrno name
Camporee Rockers
row 1pqcrs1951.htmrocker1951camporeeno name
row 1pqcrs1951.htmrocker1952camporeeno name
row 1pqcrs1951.htmrocker1953camporeeno name
row 1pqcrs1951.htmrocker1954camporeeno name
row 1pqcrs1951.htmrocker1955camporeeno name
row 1pqcrs1951.htmrocker1956camporeeno name
Pennants, Miscellaneous
row 1pq1929.htmpennant1929orange bkgdDoug Walker
row 1pq1929.htmpennant1929black bkgdEd Dworak
row 1pq1929.htmpennant1930sgray bkgdBill Topkis
row 1pq1929.htmbannerno dateyellow bkgdDoug Walker
row 1pq1929.htmpennant1968orange bkgdEd Dworak
row 1pq1929.htmpennant1971yellow bkgdEd Dworak
row 1pqDish.htmdish1970spin dishDoug Walker
row 1pqActivity.htmtriangle1932axesDavid Oertle
row 1pqActivity.htmoval1932skill awardDavid Oertle
row 1pq1959.htmneckerchief1950sgreen bkgndDoug Walker
row 1pq1959.htmneckerchief1961brown bkgndno name
row 1pq1959.htmneckerchief1962blue bkgndno name
row 1pq1959.htmneckerchief1963gray bkgndno name
row 1pq1959.htmneckerchief1960Staffno name
row 1pq1959.htmneckerchief1961StaffDavid Patterson
row 1pq1959.htmneckerchief1962Staffno name
row 1pq1959.htmneckerchief1963Staffno name
row 1pq1959.htmneckerchief1959yellow bkgndno name
row 1pq1959.htmneckerchief1961LeaderEd Dworak
row 1pq1959.htmneckerchief1962LeaderDoug Walker
row 1pq1964.htmneckerchiefno dateyellow bkgndno name
row 1pq1964.htmneckerchief1964green bkgndno name
row 1pq1964.htmneckerchief1965yellow bkgndno name
row 1pq1964.htmneckerchief1964Staffno name
row 1pq1964.htmneckerchief1965Staffno name
row 1pq1964.htmneckerchief1965Staffno name
row 2pq1966.htmneckerchief1966white bkgndno name
row 2pq1966.htmneckerchief1967yellow bkgndno name
row 2pq1966.htmneckerchief1969red bkgndno name
row 2pq1966.htmneckerchief1971tan bkgndDavid Patterson
row 2pq1966.htmneckerchiefno dategreen bkgndno name
row 2pq1966.htmneckerchief1968blue bkgndno name
row 2pq1966.htmneckerchief1969Staffno name
row 2pq1966.htmneckerchief  1971StaffDavid Patterson
row 3pq1971.htmroundno dateSlide metalEd Dworak
row 3pq1971.htmroundno dateSlide metalDoug Walker
row 3pq1971.htmround1971Slide, redEd Dworak
row 3pq1971.htmmetalno dateNeal slideEd Dworak
row 3pq1971.htmplastic1943slideArthur Garrison 
row 3pq1971.htmmetal1943key chainEd Dworak
row 3pq1971.htmleather1943SlideDoug Walker
95 patches, rockers, etc