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The photos on this page were taken by Lee Donehower, as a scout at Camp Pahaquarra. Lee writes, "I'm guessing the black & white images are likely from 1960 or 1961. The color images are likely from 1962 as color film and processing was just starting to become affordable around then." Comments below the photos are by Lee.


The camp ax. I don't remember its significance. There was something inscribed on the marble, but I don't recall.

More about the Camp Pahaquarra Sundial


Staffer Ed Dworak feeds a fawn rescued at camp.


Distant shot of the camp waterfront. Building in center was for canoe paddle & life vest storage. Note roped-off area just left of center... it contained the ax in the previous photo.


This shot was taken a few hundred feet up the mountain from where the campers lived on the hillside. The camp waterfront is in the foreground.


View of Pahaquarra's bend in the river taken from Skyline Trail, aka the Appalachian Trail.


The Delaware Watergap at the parking lot where campers were dropped off to hike back to Pahaquarra via Sunfish Pond and Skyline Trail (Appalachian Trail).


Left: Bruce Michaelson
Center: Bert Huffman
Right: Ken Fowler
Handling that summer's snake collection. Each summer, snakes were caught in the camp vicinity and at the end of the season, donated to the reptile farm across the river in Pennsylvania


One of the doors in the staff "motel" past the waterfront, near the Camp Cowaw border.


The Camp Pahaquarra Trading Post. Nature photographer and author Lenny Rue's house on hill in background.