George Washington Scout Reservation
Map of the Camp

map of gswr

Camp boundaries are accurate, but the interior is not to scale. There were more Appalachian Shelters than shown, all in the same area. In the last few years, before the camp closed, there was an above ground swimming pool located close to the lodge. Goat Hill road is blacktop, but all the roads in camp are dirt.
The open area, the activities area, was used for camping and special events such as Camporees and Klondike Derbies. Scouts would race their sleds around the area during the Klondike event. The camp was heavily wooded, except for the open area. Many troops would timber the camp during Fall and sell the wood as fund raisers.
There was space for tenting and activities past the Appalachian Shelters. The more rugged area was heavily wooded and was used by the OA and older scouts.
The lodge was a pleasant building with a fine fireplace. This was a great place for meetings. Scouts liked to have their Eagle Court of Honor here.
The Ranger's House was close to the edge of the cliff overlooking the Delaware River, with a wonderful view of the river. You could see a long ways, both up the river past Lambertvlle, and down the river. There was a fire in the house just before the camp closed. Fortunately, the damage was not too severe, but the house suffered considerable smoke damage.
Camp boundaries are taken from a tax map provided by Doug Kiovsky of Hunterdon Parks and Recreation. Frontage along the river is about 3,600 foot. Because there is very little space between the foot of the cliffs and the river, it is difficult to clearly show Rte. 29 and the Delaware Canal as they run along the river.

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Nov 11, 2003