Camp Foran-Fisher
94 House Development on West Amwell Site
Hunterdon Democrat, December 28, 1961

Property Near Foran-fisher Lakes
Takes in 170 Acres Owned By Corporation

Plans were revealed this week for a 94-home community to be built on property recently purchased from the estate of the late C. Lloyd Fisher of Flemington in the Mount Airy-Browne area.
The property, which borders on and once was part of the home of the late Colonel Arthur F. Foran, includes a 25 acre lake and was used in past years as a Boy Scout camp then called "Camp Foran-Fisher."
Don Shuman, a member of the "Kensaman Corporation" which has purchased and will develop the tract, said that work will probably start sometime this Spring.
The West Amwell Township Planning Board approved a small part of the property as a minor subdivision December 20. The remainder of the 170 acre tract, 105 acres of which are to developed was discussed at the meeting but no action will be taken concerning it until engineering studies are completed and the necessary maps and diagrams drawn up, Shuman said.

According to Shuman, there are no present plans to develop the property immediately situated on the lake. The development is to be in an adjoining tract, partially wooded, on a hillside with a view to the north and south.
Plans do not call for quick development, Shuman said. He pointed out that their intention is to have "community" rather than a "development."
The developers will reserve the right to approve the design of each home to be built, altho they will not limit builders to any particular style. The plan also to require that each home must have at least 1,200 square feet of living space: the township requires 1,000 square feet.
Among the unfinished details is a name for the development. It won't be something corny, tho, he said.

Camp Foran-Fisher
August 9, 2005