Camp Cowaw Song

There's a camp along the Deleware,
Camp Cowaw is it's name.
From the rising sun,
Till the day is done.
There is lots of fun up there.
In the waters deep,
We learn to swim,
Come right on in with us.
We have the eats that make you look,
And how those cooks can cook
In old Camp Cowaw on the Deleware.
And how we mean it.
In old Camp Cowaw on the Deleware.

Contributed by Bill Bramble, who was a happy camper at the former Camp Cowaw. Thanks for sharing this memory with us. Compare this with the Pahaquarra Scout Reservation song.

Bill says he would love to hear for some of his "old scouting" friends. You may send an email to this web site, which will be forwarded to Bill.

Compare this is the Camp Pahaquarra Songs

Camp Cowaw
November 3, 2000