camp cowaw staff armband 1954-1967
Cowaw 1954-1967 Staff Armband
camp cowaw staff patch 1964
Cowaw 1964 Staff Patch
camp cowaw staff patch 1965
Cowaw 1965 Staff Armband
camp cowaw staff armband 1958-1960
Cowaw 1958-1960 Staff Armband
camp cowaw staff patch 1966
Cowaw 1966 Staff Patch
camp cowaw staff patch 1967
Cowaw 1967 Staff Patch

Camp Cowaw Patch Set 1964-1967
Camp Staff Armbands 1957-1960

Each of the triangle patches have Camp Staff, Green Trees, Year. I have been told that the 1966 staff patch has a gold border and gold name. Perhaps time and exposure have changed the appearance of the patch. The two armbands are scaled to each other.
Al Zusman writes about the Camp Staff patches:
Cowaw identified their staff in ways that the campers and the public could easily pick then out. The classic staff marking was always the neckerchief with the most sought after one being the bright green Smokey the Bear. In 1954 the staff all wore pith helmets, the following year they had what were then called "Cat Hats" which were red berets. Staff t-shirts were the uniform of the day until evening colors. Memory fails me at this point. I have no idea which of the patches were sewn on different colored neckerchiefs represent which years. I do believe you are correct in that they noted how many years a camper had been to Cowaw.
The colorized neckerchief to the right of the Smokey Staff was not issued in that form. The handicraft director got a few sets of a product called "Liquid Embroidery", which was much like a set of ball point pens attached to tubes of permanent inks. You put the neckerchief in an embroidery hoop to stretch it out and then colored in the segments. Most of the work was done on the staff version.

Camp Cowaw Patch Collection
Camp Staff Row 1, columns 1–6
patches not shown to scale