ccN10.jpgCamp Cowaw 1954 Staff Neckerchief ccN01.jpgCamp Cowaw Green Staff Neckerchief ccN18.jpgCamp Cowaw White Neckerchief
ccN11.jpgCamp Cowaw Orange Neckerchief ccN02.jpgCamp Cowaw Orange Staff Neckerchief ccN11.jpgCamp Cowaw Hand-colored Neckerchief

Camp Cowaw Neckerchiefs
Six Camp neckerchiefs

Al Zusman writes:
"The Smokey neckerchief was not sold in big numbers, in fact it was not sold at all. It was part of the staff uniform in 1953 or 1954 and 1955. Each member of the staff was issued two neckerchiefs and no additional neckerchiefs were available. In1954 the staff uniform was augmented with pith helmets and the following year in what was called red cat hats much like a Scottish Tam."
"The colored neckerchief, third neckerchief in the second row, was the same as the one next to it and was colored in with a product called liquid embroidery. The dyes were in toothpaste like tubes with a ball point on the end and they were available in the handicraft area. You put the neckerchief in an embroidery hoop to keep it taut while you applied the ink. At first it was a staff only project. If memory serves me right, the yellow neckerchiefs were in the late 1950's followed by the others in the early 1960's."

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neckerchiefs provided by Al Zusman