Camp Cowaw Patch Collection

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1920-1920      Monmouth Kanahwahke Lake, NY 
1920-1927Perth AmboyKanahwahke Lake, NY 
1927-1939RaritanKanahwahke Lake, NY 
1940-1969Raritan Columbia, NJ
1969-1970Thomas A. Edison    Columbia, NJ

1960: Camp Cowaw included 325 acres, 225 scouts
1960: Camp Cowaw - Case Scout Reservation" name used during the 1960s
1970: part of camp sold to Federal Government

Camp Cowaw Reunion
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Camp Issues
CowawFelt1.jpg ctree2.jpg ccFirstAid.jpg coworg ccgnstar.jpg Camp Cowaw 1963,1967 Rockers
ccoorgred.jpg Camp Cowaw 1959 Patch Camp Cowaw 1960-1962 Round Patches 1 Camp Cowaw 1960-1962 Round Patches 2 Camp Cowaw 1963-1967 Round Patches Camp Cowaw Round Decal
ccow25.jpg cow66.jpg cacowbp.jpg ccowtig.jpg cow67.jpg ccow28.jpg
ccoowjlt.jpg ccowpio.jpg cow69.jpg camp sakawawin 1970 patch ccJ01.jpg ccOutpost.jpg
Camp Staff
ccAband1.jpg ccAband1.jpg Staff64.jpg Staff65.jpg Staff66.jpg Staff67.jpg
camp cowaw 1st year neckerchief1st Year camp cowaw 2nd year neckerchief2nd Year camp cowaw 3rd year neckerchief3rd Year camp cowaw 4th year neckerchief4th Year ccamp cowaw 5th year neckerchief5th Year camp cowaw need neckerchief6th Year
camp cowaw 1954 neckerchief1954 Smokey camp cowaw neckerchief 2.1Staff camp cowaw neckerchief 2.2Camper camp cowaw neckerchief 2.3Camper camp cowaw neckerchief 2.4Staff camp cowaw neckerchief 2.5Camper
case scout resevation neckerchiefCamper camp cowaw 1965 neckerchief 1
camp cowaw Staff neckerchiefStaff camp cowaw neckerchiefCamper camp cowaw 1964 neckerchief1964  
camp cowaw 1965 neckerchief 21965 camp cowaw 1965 neckerchief 2
camp cowaw 1965 neckerchief 3
camp cowaw neckerchiefDark Blue camp cowaw 1965 Staff neckerchiefStaff camp cowaw 1968 neckerchief1968
camp cowaw 3 neckerchiefs
camp cowaw 3 neckerchiefs
camp cowaw 1965 slide
camp cowaw Belt Buckle
no date
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