Camp Patch Classification
Central New Jersey Council

1970s to Present
Although this time frame spans over 30 years there has only been one major change or addition to camp patches. While a vast majority of camp patches were made in the full embrodery (Solid) form the common shapes still prevailed. Jacket and Back Patches were carried over from the 60s and every shape and size you can imagine was utilized. That major change that is picking up support during the 2000s is the use of CSP shaped patches for camp patches. These CSP shaped patches are being included in the CSP guides. As with the year patches, there can be both a CSP shaped patch and a standard camp patch for the same time frame.

1970s patches

The examples demonstrate that the range of size and shape of camp patches through the years are enormous. The camp patch collecting community must come to an agreement on the designation for camp patches before any serious effort can be made to assigning classifications of R1, T1, S1 etc to any camp patch.

"IF" a reference guide were ever made for camp patches with patch identification it would be too large to publish on a scheduled basis as the OA and CSP guides are now published, i.e. each year. The number of pages would be in excess of 2000 and for the 1st few years too many changes would occur as new camp patches are issued and older ones are discovered. It should be possible to create a "format" for such a document and maintain a seperate website page for each camp and a collector could download only those pages they required.

Introduction    1920s-1940s
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