Camp Patch Classification
Central New Jersey Council

The 1950s was not only a boom to the ranks of scouts but the number of camp patches issued. Many different sizes and shapes were issued with the twill 3 inch round being the most popular. Another popular camp patch that surfaced during this time frame was the "year" patch. These patches indicated the 1st, 2nd, 3rd etc year of consecutive camping at a specific camp. These patches either had the year of camping on them, i.e. 1st, 2nd year or were color coded with the same design. Note, that other means of indicating consecutive years of camping were also used, i.e. Brave, Warrior, Chief, Veteran. It was possible to have "both" a year patch and a standard camp patch.

1950s patches

Note: The No-Be-Bo-Sco patches above were issued during the 1960s, although there were different Cut Edge productions of the various colored patches issued during the 50s. The 1960s patches are shown for reference only since a complete set of the Cut Edge patches were not available.

Another common way to issue camp patches during the 1950s was to issue a common "council patch" or "camp patch" and utilize "rockers" for either a camp name, staff or a specific year. This practice continued into the 1970s:

1950s patches

The 1960s saw the continuation of the 3 inch round and the use of twill with both Cut Edge and Rolled Edge. Various other shapes were used for camp patches with square, rectangle and arrowhead being utilized. Woven/Silk patches also began to appear during this time period.

1960s patches

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