Camp Cedarbliss
Then and Now

The landscape at Cedarbliss has changed significantly in 50 years. Some items (foundations, footings, platforms) remain, most of the roads and fields around the Cabin have been reclaimed by the landscape. Some of the original dirt roads leading to the area are still used as hiking trails, other areas are completely overgrown and unrecognizable. Handheld GPS trackers have allowed for the identification of the Cabin location. In the photos below, then is around the early 1960s, now is year 2013.

outhouse then at Cederbliss outhouse now at Cederbliss
Cabin porch then at Cederbliss
Cabin porch now at Cederbliss
Outside fireplace then at CederblissOutside fireplace ruble now at Cederbliss

Map of Washington Crossings State Park
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