cedarbliss cabin

Camp Cedarbliss
Out of Council Camping at
Washington Crossings State Park

Some Background
Prior to 1956 this area was privately owned property. In 1956 it became part of the Mercer County Park Park System. The area was used during this time by both the local Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts for camping. In 1976 the property became part of the New Jersey Washington Crossings State Park at Washington Crossings, NJ. The Park is located just north-east of the intersection of Route 29 and Route 546. Cedarbliss was easy to reach from most of Mercer County and was very convenient and used by many troops for overnight camping and hiking trips and several District and Coucil Camporee activities.
In the recent book, "Where Washington Once Led" by Peter Osborne, he describes Cedarbliss as: "A small six acre parcel, adjacent to the Stephens tract on its north-eastern end, was donated to Mercer County to be used as a park in 1956. The part called Cedarbliss, was made possible by the generous donation to the county by Dr. and Mrs. Emil Frankel who owned a cabin there."
Comments and photos by Dave Patterson
"Our young troop used Cedarbliss as an excellent local area to introduce winter camping to our newer, younger Scouts."
Comments and photos by Ed Dworak
"Our troop used Cedarbliss for many local camping trips. The site had a parade field with a flag pole."
Then and Now
Some photos showing Cederbless when we camped there and Cederbliss now.

Map of Washington Crossings State Park
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