Camp Cedarbliss
by Edward Dworak

Our Troop had a policy of camping at least one weekend each month. Since Cedarbliss was only about 30 minutes away it was ideal. We mostly alternated between Cedarbliss and Camp Buck so between my time with the Troop and later the Post I have at lot of time camping at Cedarbliss. We either drove in and dropped off our gear or hiked in from the main entrance. I have a lot of photos from camping trips but few give any way to determine exactly where the site was located within the park. Since it has been almost 50 years since I was there I'm not sure I could locate it.
Reviewing a few photos from my album, roughly between 1961 and 1962. By my recollection there were two rooms. The main room in the cabin had no bunks but had a large stone fireplace and when we "winter" camped there we rolled out our sleeping bags on the floor. The back room had a few wooden tables and we used it as the cooking room. We used Coleman stoves to cook. The cabin had no heat, electricity or water. There was a "one holer" latrine to the right of the cabin. The site had a "parade field" with a flag pole and you could drive to it on a dirt road.

cabin at Cederbliss parking at Cederbliss
troop at flag pole me and my tent

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